Easiest Yogurt Berry Bars

Easiest Yogurt Berry Bars

I am so shocked that I didn’t think of this before today. I was looking for yogurt related recipes because AGAIN I over ordered on instacart… you’d think after 6 weeks of quarantine ordering that I would have figured this out but here we are. Anyway, I was looking for yogurt recipes and I see a bunch of granola yogurt bars with approx. 37692758t72304829 ingredients and 8 steps per recipe.

yogurt bars

This recipe could not be easier. It is just graham crackers, yogurt sweetened to your liking, then top it with fruit and freeze. THATS IT. This would be so cute to make with kids!

This recipe is:




yogurt bars

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  • This is perfect for this hot Texas summer! Cannot wait to make for the family, I enjoy things that are both delicious and don’t take up half my day!

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