Vegan Polenta Cakes with Crispy Zucchini

Vegan Polenta Cakes with Crispy Zucchini

I am often so inspired by farmers markets and produce in general. Because its early summer, we are just starting to see those small zucchini that are absolutely delicious. I love the small ones because they have the same texture all the way through. They’re not too seedy, and perfect for getting crisp because they aren’t overloaded with water like the fatter ones are. Because I have been seeing these precious veggies all over, I wanted to write a recipe that is truly an ode to the zucchini. This one has sunday dinner written aaaall over it.

This vegan polenta recipe is an OG recipe from I dunno, 2017? It was definitely one of the first ones I ever published to mindful cooks and I am OBSESSED with it. I took this a step further by taking the polenta and putting it in an 8×8 cake pan. In about 10 minutes it will be solid enough to cut out with a circle cutter and then grill!


This recipe is:

flavor packed

texturally perfect

fun to make

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